How iROO generated an average of 43% returning customers



How iRoo generated an average of:
+43% returning customers
with Advocado

About iROO

Established in 1999, iROO offers top quality luxury wear and accessories at affordable prices for the cosmopolitan woman. The spirit of the brand is to provide the best quality, price, service and ambience for customers.

iROO is rapidly evolving with more than 80 stores in Asia, including 5 boutiques in Singapore.

iROO continues to remain at the forefront of fashion. Advocado is delighted to help iROO stay on the top of their customer’s minds. 

At a glance, iROO: 

  1. Achieved a strong database of over 7,000 members in just 6 months

  2. Maintained on average 43% returning customers on a regular basis

  3. Unlocked additional revenue of $34,000 in just 6 months from Advocado’s One-Time-Offer feature

  4. Saved up to 50 man-hours per month to manually track customer rewards

The Challenge


The Solution:

iROO came onboard with Advocado to:

“With Advocado, we now have the flexibility of utilising different kinds of tools to reward & re-engage our customers. Everything is much more automated, which channel our energy & time to building meaningful conversations. 

Now, we can plan our marketing messages a few months in advance. The marketing automation helped us ease the manual customer reward execution and keeps bringing repeated customers.”

-iROO Marketing Team-

The Results

With Advocado, iROO increased automation of their customer loyalty program, received more customer enrollments and additional revenue.

In a time where online sales are soaring, iROO needs to preserve its brand identity by creating its own digital ecosystem and there is no better way than starting off with an integrated cloud loyalty CRM.

The One-Time-Offer (OTO) helped in iROO footfall and sales generation, since it could be sold directly to customers with channel proliferation via QR Code, Whatsapp, SMS and Email. iROO has utilised a variety of OTO. This includes a creative usage of OTO as seasonal digital red packet i.e. ‘Limited Edition iROO Angpao’.

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