How Sauté-San increased customer engagement using marketing automation



How Sauté-san used Marketing Automation to improve

Customer Engagement

across all their outlets.

About Sauté-san

Sauté-san was founded in 2018 by Ai Lin, Co-founder of the Sauté Group. Sauté-san provides high quality green dining, with the goal to bring the health benefits to their customers. It seeks to build a place of gathering where people can relax and enjoy nutritious good food. 

The Sauté Group currently operates Sauté-san, Flavours by Sauté and Sauté Sushi in Singapore. 

Find out how Advocado’s innovative technology accelerated Sauté-san’s marketing! 

At a glance, Sauté-san:

  1. Reward customers efficiently and effectively using Marketing Automation

  2. Able track effectiveness of marketing campaigns

  3. Improved overall productivity by going digital

  4. Staff has more time to service their customers.

  5. Built strong relationships with customers using attractive rewards, turning them into advocates of the brand. 

The Challenge

Saute San Image1 YT
Saute San

Happy Sentiments

“We’re actually very happy with Advocado. With Advocado, we can constantly delight our existing customers with rewards. Everything is done digitally, which saves us a lot of time.

We also introduced our “Birthday Month Promotion”, which generated a lot of customer revisits.”

-Sauté-san Team-

“With the Advocado system, it definitely allowed us to build stronger, more personal relationships with our customers. Giving them the finest customer service possible, getting people to come together, as well as providing an excellent green dining experience, is what Sauté-san is committed to.” 

-Sauté-san Gallery Marketing Team-

The Results

With Advocado, Sauté-san was able to enrol new customers easily with just their phone numbers. Further, collecting customer data and rewarding customers can be done in a more seamless, effective manual. This freed up time for their staff as no more manual work is needed. 

Now, Sauté-san can focus on the things that truly matter – to provide excellent customer service, to turn customers into advocates of the brand. 

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