Give. Track. Grow

Advocado Gifting solutions is an amazing opportunity for your customers to send a birthday gift to their loved ones, congratulate a colleague who got promoted or simply, express a thank you to someone you treasure.



Deliver more value to your customers, while growing prepaid revenue. Deploy your gifting vouchers at lightning speed.



Seize the endless gifting possibilities you can buy at popular brands and even large F&B or Retail chains. 

How it Works?

Sharing happiness has never been this easy. Gifting Whoever and Whenever
customers want it.

Merchants Sharing
Merchants as proactive self-starters

Merchant starts sharing happiness by indicating if the voucher is
available for gifting. The possibilities are endless

Customer as Gifter
Customers as thoughtful gifters

Customers (Gifter) join in the fun by specifying the recipient's
name and quantity of vouchers

Share Multiple Platform
Share happiness via multiple platforms

What’s awesome is that these vouchers can be sent entirely via
customers’ choice.

Sharing Complete
Voilà. Sharing complete!

Voilà. The lucky recipient can claim the gift by opening the link shared
by their Gifter. Choose your joy, Share happiness today

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