Why 800+ Outlets Love Advocado

Over the years, Advocado’s CRM system has been trusted and used by more than 800 outlets in Singapore. Here are some reasons why Advocado has emerged as the CRM provider of choice amongst Singapore’s retailers.
Constant Flow Customer Visits
Make your brand irresistible to your customers with the help of engaging loyalty campaigns & automated marketing.
Customer Engagement
Keep your customers engaged & updated with offers, birthday treats, and automated reminders – features imbued within the Advocado system.
More Revenue

Advocado provides useful features such as paid memberships, store credits, and prepaid items to generate increased and sustainable cash flow for your business.

Everything you need for a robust customer loyalty software for your retail outlets

An intuitive and hassle-free customer loyalty software designed to make customer engagement and revenue generation that much easier!
Launch Within 24 Hours

Launch within 24 hours

Choose from our powerful loyalty campaigns today and start engaging your customers tomorrow!
Component 4

No cards, No apps

Enroll & instantly reward your customers with only the mobile number – in just 15 seconds!

Customisable loyalty programs to match your business needs

Engage your customers anytime and anywhere with personalised loyalty programs, specially designed for your business.
Component 8

Customised campaigns for your business goals

Customise campaigns for your business goals – Collect customer’s data, create multi-tier memberships, give away vouchers during off-peak time, and do much more, seamlessly!
Constant Flow Customer Visits

Continually engage your customers

Create a 360-degree engagement in-store and off-store with customer-driven deals.

Customer engagement made easy with innovative technology

Our proprietary technology makes client engagement and retention a cake walk, giving you instant cash flow for your business!
Automated Marketing

Automated marketing

Win over your competition with the right offers at the right time: birthday treats, membership-ending reminders and many other automated features to help increase your team’s productivity.
Real Time Report

Real-time reports

Understand customer behaviour and form insights-driven strategies to boost revenue & reach business goals.

The CRM that integrates brilliantly with Shopify

Incentivise your customers with hassle-free rewards program on your online store(s). Maximise customer delight now!

How Advocado Will Reel in Your Customers

You came up with a brilliant promotion. Your customers are interested.
Here’s how Advocado can help you reel them in.

Step 1

Step 1

Customer enters his/her mobile number and is instantly enrolled

Step 2

Step 2

Add the prepaid items/ store credits that your customer bought

Step 3

Step 3

Cash flow is generated on the spot, and now your customer will come back again and again! Amazing.

Our Happy Brands

Take an inside look at our partnership with Happy Brands in exceeding their Customer Engagement,
Marketing and Sales goals.


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99 Percent Hair Studio

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Outlets in Singapore and Counting


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