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How 99 Percent Hair Studio generated an average of:

+26% returning customers

with Advocado

About 99 Percent Hair Studio.


Established in 2013, 99 Percent Hair Studio transcends the experience of getting a new hairdo to a whole new level. Standing out from their competitors, the company prides themselves for combining both professional expertise and personalised customer service for every customer.


Till date, 99 Percent Hair Studio continues to offer high quality services ranging from haircuts, styling, colouring and scalp treatments. With 3 outlets across Singapore, the dedicated group of professionals continue to strive for excellence and leave every customer walking out with a fresh look and smile on their face.


At a glance, iROO: 

  1. Achieved a strong database of 5,700 members

  2. Reduced manual labour through Marketing Automation

  3. Unlocked additional revenue of $200,000 in just 4 months using Advocado’s promotional features

The Challenge

99 Percent Hair Studio.
99 Percent Hair Studio.

The Solution:

99 Percent Hair Studio came onboard with Advocado to:

We started using Advocado during the pandemic and they helped us overcome the distance barrier, which allowed us to interact with our customers and even reached new customers! With Advocado, not only did we reduce the impact that Covid had on us but also surpassed our expectations. 

We used to give physical vouchers and did the manual tracking. But with Advocado, all rewards are now digital and automated which saves us a lot of time and reduced printing costs. We want our customers to have a stress-free, enjoyable experience with us. Advocado has helped us stay true to our mission of making customers happy and building more meaningful connections with them.”

-99 Percent Hair Studio Team-

The Results

With Advocado, 99 Percent Hair Studio established a reliable customer loyalty program. This allowed them to enjoy a spike in revenue and customer enrolment despite being in the midst of a pandemic. 

With Advocado, 99 Percent Hair Studio brought their marketing initiatives online to reach their customers digitally. Digital vouchers were used to drive sales. They were also able to share rewards directly via their website, WhatsApp, SMS and Email. Through this, they were able to re-marketing to existing customers who may not have visited for a while. 

Overall, they’ve enjoyed a consistent net flow of income throughout the pandemic. 

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